Hi there.

My name is Rachel, and this is my little corner of the internet.

I decided to be a little more adventurous and start my own blog.  I shall share my views and opinions and experiences on anything that I think would be of some interest to the internet folk. I guess that means virtually anything I care to write about as it seems these internet folk have an insatiable appetite for almost any information on any subject :)

So about me? Well I have a been a geek since as long as I care to remember. My very first introduction to these magical things called computers was at the age of six, when my school had a Sinclair ZX80. I was enthralled with this little white box of magic as it asked me a few simple questions and then proceeded to tell me my age and ask me how I was feeling! Since then I have had a passion for all technology, especially computers and their related uses.

I worked for many years alongside software developers and managed many computer systems. I was never a System Administrator, but was involved in testing, deployment and release management of software to the servers that let the public use them.

Nowadays I keep my hand in computing purely for the enjoyment. I like to help friends and family with their computing questions and upgrades; always makes me feel happy to see people learning something from me.

I am still working on the layout etc. for my little blog, so please be patient.

This is the Webmisstress and author of The Armchair Geek

Still working on the site folks :) :)

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